Turf & Artificial Grass



We can supply you with a range of different options for your Lawn! whether you are after turf ready to go down, or an easy to maintain artifical grass, we can help you get exactly what you want.

Ready to lay turf

We can provide ready to lay turf delivered to your door from our friends at Inturf! 

Inturf supply turf grades for private gardens, public open spaces, and every kind of sports application from championship golf courses to neighbourhood bowling greens, so you know youre getting the best thats out there!

Turf is supplied in conventional rolls, covering 1 square metre or as big roll covering 15 square metres for ease and speed of installation on larger projects.


Turf is an easy method of making an area looking regenerated and new. Have a look at Inturfs guide on how to lay turf with tips and hints to give it the profesional finish.

Artificial Grass

A Low Maintenance and Visually

Stunning Product

In recent years artificial grass has become a trendy product and you probably now know someone in your circle of friends who has a fake lawn in their garden. More and more people are ditching their lawn mowers as our products are well suited to todays' modern busy lifestyle and with weekend time a premium for the majority of families, the last thing you want is wasting valuable time mowing your lawn. With artificial grass you can maximise your garden and family time.

Our range has also become popular on commercial spaces to limit maintenance and in schools and nurseries where it allows teachers to maximise outdoor learning. It is becoming popular because it really is making an important practical difference, making the investment more than justifiable.

Our range of Artificial Grass are relatively straight forward to install and any competent builder, contractor, landscaper or DIY enthusiast can fit them by following the handy step by step how to guides here.

There are a number of reasons to make the switch:

  • Long warranty

  • Easy maintenance

  • Modern look and lifestyle

  • Blends effortlessly with traditional gardens and established planting beds

  • Perfect for children, dogs and family pets

  • Fast draining even after a rain shower, within minutes it will be dry to go out on again

  • Transform concrete, patio or decking areas plus our products are low slip

  • Ideal for shaded areas where grass doesn't grow