Lawsons (Whetstone) Ltd t/a Hertfordshire Timber & Building Supplies aims to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the Implication of environmental standards within the workplace and ethical sourcing of from suppliers. This environmental policy statement provides a commitment and intent to reduce its working operations impact on the environment and to also asses and use viable suppliers that ensure steps are taken to deliver sustainable and ethical products.


Lawsons (Whetstone) Ltd t/a Hertfordshire Timber & Building Supplies, specifically works with natural resources that are finite in production. The use of these products can have dramatic environmental impacts that have a worldwide effect. Herts Timber acknowledges that its practices have an impact on the environment. The main issues identified include deforestation, emission of greenhouse gasses and production of waste material.

To ensure the principles of environmental standards are clearly understood throughout the Company, we will be committed to:

  • Engaging with staff to create a code of best practise in the work place to ensure everything that is possible is achieved using principles such as the 3 Rs’ (Reduce, Reuse Recycle);​

  • Continuous checks in the workplace to ensure that plant machinery and vehicles are working efficiently and are free from leaks or issues that may cause excess use of resources unnecessarily;

  • Reducing carbon emissions where possible through the use of renewable sources and reduction of waste material, along with recycling as much as possible by using environmental waste companies;​

  • Assessing supplier’s dedication to environmental practises and ethical trading standards and using suppliers that have Environmental Managements Standards (EMS) in place or hold environmental accreditation such as ISO14001, or the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC);​

  • Inform customers of environmental issues and what we can do together to negate these (i.e responsible sourcing). This will also help to make Herts Timber more appealing as a supplier to customers. Recently, demand for more environmental and sustainable products has increased and is continuing to grow;​

  • Herts Timbers environmental policy will be checked and updated on a regular basis to ensure it is up to date and conforms to any possible legislation that may come into effect.


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