Pitched Roofing 


Clay Tiles 


We stock a large range of tiles available to collect shown bellow but can also order specific tiles to your requirements. Any querries call us to discuss your needs 


Marley Modern in Smooth Grey and Antique Brown

Marley Mendip

Ludlow Plus in Smooth Grey & Antique Brown

Specialist Ridges To Order

500 x 250 Spanish Slate

500 x 250 Fibre Cement Slate

600 x 600 Fibre Cement Slate

25 x 38 Tile Batten

Ultraperm Breather Membrane. 1m x 50m or 1.5m x 50m

Vent Tiles to Match All Tiles

Universal Tile Vent for any Tile

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Marley Double Romand in Dark Red, Ant. Brown & Smooth Brown

Marley Ludlow Major

Marley Plaint Tile, stocked in Dark Red, Smooth Brown & Antique Brown

Large Range of Ridge Tiles

Tile Fittings To Order

500 x 375 Slate and a Half

600 x 300 Fibre Cement Slate

25 x 50 Tile Batten

19 x 38 Tile Batten

Permo Forte Breathable Felt 1.5m x 50m

Roof Vent Adapter & Vents

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