Machine Cutting Service 

we can provide a large range of cutting services to help you finish your project in no time and with no hassle. we are able to cut any timber product including mdf and plywood. we can cut to exactly what you need simply tell us what you require and we will prepare it and call you when its ready. most cutting services can be cut for next day, please speak to our ales team for current waiting times. 

we have the following machinery 

  • Vertical Band Saw: use for resawing or ripping lumber into thinner slabs. We can also create firrings to your exact needs.

  • Circular Saw: Can cut any timber to lengh required. can also perform mitre cuts. 

  • Planner/Thicknesser: allows the planing and smoothing of large sections of timber to the exact size needed for a project.

  • Multi-Head Moulder: plane and profile any piece of timber

  • Vertical Board Saw: Cut any board of any material to any size required.

​if you’re looking to match up to an old existing pattern, such as a skirting or architrave profile, or want to create your own design, we have a large range of cutter to hand. in most casses we will alrady have the right cutter in our mill. if not we can get a cutter made to cut to your requirement (additional costs may apply) 

Saw Blade.jpg