100x200mm - 2.4m Long New Oak Sleeper

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100x200 2.4m New Oak Sleepers are sourced from across Europe. They pair hardwood durabiliy with a maintenence free alternative to our softwood sleepers. 


Type Oak Sleeper
Material Hardwood/Oak
Height 100mm 
Width 200mm 
Finish Sawn
Weight 48kg

Important Information

  • Sleeper dimensions may vary as sizes stated are nominal, they are a rough sawn product and not machined to an exact tolerance which helps gives them their individual natural character.
  • New Softwood and Hardwood Sleepers are machined from natural, organic, unseasoned timber that has not undergone any drying process so being hydroscopic it will naturally season over time which may result in them contracting, distorting and expanding with the seasons.
  • Splits, checks and shakes are a natural occurrence associated with landscaping timbers which help give them that natural look and will not affect the integrity of the product if orientated appropriately. They will appear as the timber dries as shrinkage will occur in different directions but don’t be alarmed as they are an entirely natural phenomenon.
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