Gate Accessories


Discover the GATEMATE® range from Birkdale; industry leading wholesale supplier of quality gate and fencing hardware, accessories, fixings and tools.

Field Gate Fittings
tower bolt.jpg

Available in Epoxy Black or BZP

Available in the following sizes:

  • 75mm (3")

  • 100mm (4")

  • 150mm (6")

  • 200mm (8")

  • 250mm (10")

Tower Bolt


oval padbolt.jpg

Oval Padbolt

Spring-Loaded Bolts.jpg

Spring-Loaded Bolts

Ring Gate Latch.jpg

Ring Gate Latch

brenton padbolt.jpg

Brenton Padbolt

Monkey Tail Bolt.jpg

Monkey Tail Bolt

Turn Buttons Cast.jpg

Turn Buttons Cast

garage door bolt.jpg

Garage Door Bolt

Auto Gate Catch.jpg

Auto Gate Catch

Cabin Hooks - Wire Pattern.jpg

Cabin Hooks - Wire Pattern

Heavy Locking Garage Door Bolt.jpg

Heavy Locking Garage Door Bolt

Suffolk Latch Set.jpg

Suffolk Latch Set

Cast Pull Handles.jpg

Cast Pull Handles

Numerals - Ornamental.jpg

Numerals - Ornamental

Ornamental Pull Handles.jpg

Ornamental Pull Handles

Letter Plate - Ornamental.jpg

Letter Plate - OrnamentalTail Bolt

Plain Ring Handle.jpg

Plain Ring Handle

Cast Ball Door Knob.jpg

Heavy Locking Garage Door Bolt

Field Gate Fittings