Brick Range


Not all bricks will be in stock at all times. please call us to check availability.

Clay Bricks


LBC Dapple Light

LBC Antique Rustic

LBC Chiltern

LBC Sandfaced

Tradesman Heather

Milton Buff London Brick

St Andrews Multi

Warnham Red Stock

Red Engineering Bricks

SOLID Red Engineering Bricks

Plinth & Special Shaped Bricks

Clay air Brick 9" x 3" Buff

Buff Air brick 9" x 3"

Telescopic Void Vent

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LBC Heather

LBC Rustic

LBC Cotswold

LBC Commons

Wimbledon Red Mixture

Maltings Antique

Blended Orange Gilt Stock

Ibstock Gault Cream

Blue Engineering Bricks

SOLID Blue Engineering Brick

Clay Air Brick 9" x 3" Terracotta

Red Air brick 9" x 3"

Black Air Brick 9" x 3"

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